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SLD-009 - Molten Penguin (Vinyl)

Molten Penguin

Pieter Claus - Jan Ghesquière

Dries Geusens -Jonathan Callens

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SLD-010 - H A S T (CD)


Rob Banken - Artan Buleshkaj

Roeland Celis - Cyrille Obermüller

Elias Devoldere

SLD-008 - [tən a.dəm] (CD)



Joshua Dellaert

Thomas Vanhauwaert

SLD-007 - Bestiaal (CD)


Sebastiaan Vekeman

Jakob Haghebaert

Sebastiaan Gommeren

SLD-006 - RVB Quartet (CD)

Crossing Dimensions

Rebekka Van Bockstal - Kobe Boon -

Ambroos De Schepper - Marius Couvreur

SLD-004 - Skordatura Punkjazz Ensemble (CD)

Empty the Headbin

Jakob Haghebaert - Thomas Vanhauwaert

Joshua Dellaert - Sebastiaan Vekeman

SLD-005 - Pieter Claus Quartet (CD)

Dancing in a Black Triangle

Pieter Claus - Jan Ghesquière

Jouni Isoherranen - Xavier Rogé

SLD-003 - Bestiaal (CD)


Sebastiaan Vekeman

Jakob Haghebaert

Sebastiaan Gommeren

SLD-002 - Altertape (CD)

Nandrin Sessions

Jonathan Callens - Jan Ghesquière

Joshua Dellaert

SLD-001 - Alfredo (CD)

Midnight Prayer

Astrid Creve - Marijke Hellemans

Kris Auman - Robbe Kieckens

Bart Vervaeck - Viktor Perdieus

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Solidude Records is an independent record label based in Ghent, Belgium, with a strong focus on  contemporary jazz, crossover and anything out of the ordinary.





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H A S T - Elegy


06/09/19 - Jazz in 't Park, Gent

26/09/19 - Rataplan, Antwerpen

29/10/19 - Ancienne Belgique, BXL


Molten Penguin - Molten Penguin

20/09/19 - Reylandtzaal, Brugge










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