Bestiaal - Absoluut - in stores now!

SLD-003 - Bestiaal (CD)




Sebastiaan Vekeman

Jakob Haghebaert

Sebastiaan Gommeren

Bestiaal, a jazz trio built around composer and drummer Sebastiaan Vekeman, is a reflection of intimate jazz and imperfections. The way Vekeman composes does not allow for any presumption or conjecture. For him music is a continuous search.


Together with comrades Gommeren (bass) and Haghebaert (guitar) he explores a core of authenticity and profound humility, in all modesty for what they could reach out for: any art. Past all informalities, sometimes wandering around wisps of melody, sometimes scalding in rhythmic extravaganza and sometimes silenced in absolution…


Bestiaal, as something stripped from any meaning, rather like a warm glow, a pasteurisation of sounds, a past that is carried forth until the day they are heard.

Altertape - Nandrin Sessions (EP) - in stores now!

SLD-002 - Altertape (CD)


Nandrin Sessions


Jonathan Callens - Jan Ghesquière

Joshua Dellaert

Altertape's compositions are heavily influenced by many different genres, going from jazz and drum&bass over post-rock and ambient to minimalism and electronics. Altertape is a band that gratifies both enthusiasts of arranged, well-defined music as of refreshing and daring improvisations.


The use of loops is prominent in Altertape, because it provides the music with filmic layers reminiscent of Cinematic Orchestra, but also of the melodic oeuvre of Aphex Twin or Autechre, and at times even of the more experimental work of Thom Yorke or Damon Albarn (Gorillaz).



Alfredo - Midnight Prayer - in stores now!

SLD-001 - Alfredo (CD)


Midnight Prayer


Astrid Creve - Marijke Hellemans

Kris Auman - Robbe Kieckens

Bart Vervaeck - Viktor Perdieus

Midnight Prayer should be considered a tribute to Sam Coenegrachts: swing guitar player, singer, composer, good friend and great love. The band focuses on Sam's unreleased work, hoping to not let anything of his beautiful music and lyrics go unexplored. His music expresses a simple love for everything honest and pure, and the inability to grasp the harsh reality of life. It is on the interface of this contradiction that the members of Alfredo meet.


Alfredo started out as the inquisitive project of singer Astrid Creve. Together with three musicians with a similar passion for lyricism she ventures out into a musical world pivoting around melancholy, narrative and poetry. The warm colours they stir up create an intimate setting where melancholy and childlike dream worlds are intertwined



Back catalogue - Ijskasdeel releases

Altertape - Glasstic Drops

IKD-002 (CD - 2014)

IKD- 003 (Vinyl - 2014)


Glasstic Drops


Jonathan Callens - Jan Ghesquière

Joshua Dellaert

Skordatura Punkjazz Ensemble -

How to chase a minute in one second

IKD-001 Skordatura Punkjazz Enesmble

(CD - 2014)


How to chase a minute in one second


Jakob Haghebaert - Thomas Vanhauwaert

Joshua Dellaert - Sebastiaan Vekeman

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