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SLD-004 - Skordatura Punkjazz Ensemble (CD)


Empty the Headbin


Jakob Haghebaert - Thomas Vanhauwaert

Joshua Dellaert - Sebastiaan Vekeman

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SLD-005 - Pieter Claus Quartet (CD)


Dancing in a Black Triangle


Pieter Claus - Jan Ghesquière

Jouni Isoherranen - Xavier Rogé

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SLD-003 - Bestiaal (CD)




Sebastiaan Vekeman

Jakob Haghebaert

Sebastiaan Gommeren

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SLD-002 - Altertape (CD)


Nandrin Sessions


Jonathan Callens - Jan Ghesquière

Joshua Dellaert

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SLD-001 - Alfredo (CD)


Midnight Prayer


Astrid Creve - Marijke Hellemans

Kris Auman - Robbe Kieckens

Bart Vervaeck - Viktor Perdieus

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Solidude Records is an independent record label based in Ghent, Belgium, with a strong focus on crossover and contemporary jazz .





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14 feb 2017 - 20:30

Alfredo @ Nouvelle Vague XLAir

RITCS Café, Brussels, BE



22 mar 2017 - 20:30

Alfredo @ De Koer Akoestisch

De Koer, Gent, BE



25 mar 2017 - 21:00

Skordatura @ 't Uilekot

't Uilekot, Herzele, BE

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